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Parents’ Club Lunch Bar

The Parent Board has officially open a Parents’ Club Lunch Bar. This lunch bar will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the school year during lunch time. Students may purchase the following items:

*Chicken Almond Cranberry Salad cup: $4.00

*Chef Bistro Salad: $4.00

*Deli Sandwich (turkey or ham): $3.00

*Sargento Balanced Breaks: $1.50

*Organic Hard Boiled Eggs (2): $1.00

*Goldfish Crackers: $0.50

*Oreo Thins: $0.50

*Pringles cup: $0.50

*Rice Krispies Treats: $0.75

*Danimals Smoothie: $0.50

*Frito Lay Variety: $0.75

*Honest Kids Juice: $1.00

*Dole Diced Peaches: $0.50

*String Cheese: $0.50

Thank you Parent Board for organizing this for our students. A special thank you to Ms. Angelica Alcazar and Mrs. Gretchen Diaz!