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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher for information on academic progress or any questions you may have pertaining to your child’s education. Email information is below.

Ms. Norma Hilton

Mrs. Mary Rodriguez

First Grade
Mrs. Gricel Garcia

Second Grade
Ms. Esmilce Wolfe

Third Grade
Mrs. Rebekah Shepherd

Fourth Grade
Ms. Xitlalic Morales

Fifth Grade
Mr. Lazaro Meza

Sixth Grade
Ms. Claudia Quintero

Seventh Grade
Mrs. Dora Solis

Eighth Grade
Ms. Gabriela Garcia

Mrs. Alisa Covarrubias

Physical Education
Mr. Raphael Dreisbach

Mrs. Diane Arias

Preschool Director
Ms. Margaret Rivera

Office Assistants
Ms. Diane Flood

Mrs. Diane Martinez

Support Staff
Mrs. Sandra Amabile