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Our Mission

IMG_2745Mission Statement

The mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, in partnership with our parish, is to create an environment that nurtures the minds and spirits of our students, helping them to experience learning, live Gospel values in their daily lives, and proclaim with confidence and courage the teachings of Jesus Christ.


We, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, in conjunction with our parish, share in and are committed to the mission of the Roman Catholic Church to teach doctrine, build community, and serve all people.

Parents, pastors, teachers, administrators, and students work in partnership to create a community of faith with emphasis on faith formation, excellence in academics, and service to all peoples.

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We appreciate the role of parents as the first to communicate the faith to their children and as their first educators. Interactions with trusted adults serve as modeled behaviors that create the basis for learning over the course of a child’s life.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School recognizes that students have individual abilities, differences, and learning styles, and therefore create a student-centered learning environment that educates each child to his/her full academic and spiritual potential. We strive to inspire our students to become Christians who proclaim the Gospel to all they meet by exemplifying Christian morals and values in day to day living.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Student of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is

1. A Faithful Catholic Who:

  • prays often and participates in liturgy and the sacraments.
  • appreciates the presence of God in his/her life.
  • is Christ-like to others.
  • wants to grow in faith.
  • values a Catholic education.

2. A Life-Long Learner Who:

  • tries to learn daily, sharing all he/she has learned.
  • is open to others’ ideas.
  • applies skills effectively.
  • desires to set and achieve goals.
  • uses critical thinking skills.
  • is computer literate.

3. An Effective Communicator Who:

  • uses an age-appropriate vocabulary.
  • articulates thoughts in speech and writing.
  • demonstrates strong listening skills.
  • reads with fluency and comprehension.
  • uses technology appropriately and productively.

4. A Responsible Person Who:

  • is trustworthy and honest.
  • makes good choices.
  • takes on leadership roles.
  • has a positive attitude.
  • respects authority.
  • has self-discipline and self-respect.

5. A Worldwide Citizen Who:

  • is a peacemaker who accepts and cares for people and the earth.
  • is aware of events that are happening locally and worldwide.
  • is digitally responsible.