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Enrichment Websites

Enrichment Websites

Great Classroom Sites

Free, expert-created educational content and resources for every subject and level.

Site made to play songs on the piano. You type letters to play songs; this could be good typing practice.

Site made with young kids in mind, with great educational games, lessons for typing, etc. Students can use all games on site.

Site has many games for different grade levels; a few games for pre-K and K; addition, subtraction, multiplication games.

Site has lots of games for young children. Only some are educational.

This is a great site for young kids. Games arranged by grade level K-5. It’s easy to follow.

Building Language for Literacy, Clifford, and Poetry Engine are great for Ebeam or individual use.

Site hosts hundreds of games for all levels; good for individuals or whole class on Ebeam.

Design simple machines, a cell phone, perform surgeries, etc. Good for science, medicine, and older students.

Site hosts great science and geography content, animal information, videos, has little kids section.

Site is all about animals, pets and wild; includes games and videos.

Site focused on animals. Good for little kids. Site has games for individuals or whole class.

Site allows you to create your own animals, play games, create an online habitat for animals.

Site hosts lots of stories to read along with. Students can choose from different stories. Good for K-1st grade.

Site hosts typing lessons, games and tests to practice.

Classroom Resources (especially for EBeam)

This offers a great way to graph something simply.

This site offers a variety of different timers, count-down clocks and stopwatches; very cool tool; can make full screen.