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Fundraising activities are an essential part of OLPH’s endeavor to keep tuition rates at a minimum. The cost of educating each child is deferred by these communal activities. Thus, it is vitally important that each parent/guardian realizes his/her responsibility to cooperate with and participate in these activities. If families do not wish to support fundraising activities, the loss of income will cause a substantial increase in each family’s tuition rate.

Mandatory participation is required of OLPH families for annual fundraising events. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Bishops’ Car Raffle
  • Fall Fundraiser (Fall Festival)
  • Annual Walkathon
  • Nite-at-the-Races Fundraiser
  • Spring Fundraiser (Las Vegas Getaway)

In addition to the fundraisers above, individual classrooms may conduct fundraisers for class field trips, activities, and projects.