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Parents’ Club

Parents’ Club

The Parents’ Club is an organization consisting of all parents and/or guardians whose children are enrolled in Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. The group has three main functions:

Each family with a student/students registered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is required to fulfill the following service hours during each academic year:

  • Maintenance: 3 hours of service in the upkeep of the building and grounds at designated ‘Work’ Days’ only. The Parents’ Club will schedule four (4) work days to be organized for school readiness, cleaning, and special projects. Parents must fulfill their maintenance requirement at one of the scheduled work days unless prior approval is obtained for special projects as requested by the Principal, Safety & Maintenance Coordinator, Parents’ Club, or School Board.
  • General Volunteering: 20 hours of service in school related activities such as:
    • helping with a hot lunch program
    • assisting teachers and/or staff with field trips
    • volunteering as a room parent
    • offering services as an office assistant
    • serving as a playground supervisor
    • working in the convenience store or snack bar
    • volunteering as a computer assistant
    • serving as an extra-curricular coach
    • being a member of the School Marketing Committee
    • being a member of the Emergency Disaster Committee
    • or other form of service approved by the Principal, Parents’ Club or School Board
  • Fundraisers: participation and service in the following mandatory fundraising activities:
    • Bishops Car Raffle tickets
    • Fall Carnival or other Fundraiser in lieu of carnival
      • Each family is responsible for selling the required amount of tickets relating to the Fall Carnival if planned.
      • Each family is required to give service by performing 3 hours of help at the set-up time OR performing 3 hours of help at clean up time; AND working 5 hours in a Carnival booth OR serving as a Chairperson of a booth.
    • Walk-A-Thon: Each family is required to promote and obtain the minimum (dollar) amount of pledges (per child) or one time contributions for the annual Walk-A-Thon.
    • Spring Fundraiser: Each family is responsible for selling the required amount of tickets for the annual Spring Fundraiser.
    • Nite @ the Races Fundraiser: Each family is responsible to participate in this fundraiser by choosing one of the options given by the Parents’ Club Board.

Parents’ Club meetings are held three (3) times per year, and it is mandatory that at least one parent from each family attend each time. At the first meeting of the school year, the principal will review school policies, programs, procedures, and introduce any new items for the year for new and returning members. Additional details are in the Parent/Student Handbook.