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IMG_2687Every year parents, grandparents, families, and friends support OLPH by participating in the various schoolwide activities or by being a good example for their children, as primary educators. Everyone knows at OLPH that the school cannot continue to thrive without the support and dedication of the teachers and staff, but also without the support of our families who believe in a Catholic education for their children.

The traditional “Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic” has long been the core curriculum in schools along with other subjects. And while these are essential educational elements, faith formation integrated across the curriculum is a plus to educating the whole child. Values such as “loving your neighbor as yourself”, “being a peacemaker”, “praying daily”, “accepting and caring for all people”, and “having the desire to continue to grow in faith” are examples to live by in a Catholic school setting. Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is blessed to have families that believe in these values. Educating the whole child is about creating an environment that encourages children to flourish academically and spiritually. It is about helping them grow up to be well-balanced, well-rounded individuals. One of the strong foundations of a Catholic school education is the belief that every child has potential, that every child possesses natural gifts, and that every child has the right to thrive in a world where their existence means something to God and others. When a child reaches his or her potential, it is good news for the entire community. This is why it is so important for all families to be involved in their child’s education, whether it is by being a room parent, driving for field trips, assisting the teacher in the classroom, organizing fundraisers, attending liturgies and prayer services, or just being there for their child as a primary educator. Parents and families are important to the school, as teachers and staff know their active participation contributes to their child’s academic and spiritual growth.

Additional information about parent involvement may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Service Organizations

Knights of Columbus

This is the local council of the national organization of Catholic men devoted to charitable services to the church and greater community. There is an application process that is required of any adult Catholic man wanting to be part of this fraternal organization. To become a member, contact Jesse Vela at(760) 200-6132. Visit for more information about this organization.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas. They donate to charities, administer scholarship programs and strive “to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow or sickness” through their motto “Unity and Charity.” To become a member, contact Sarah Romero at (760) 485-4321. Visit to learn more about the local chapter of this organization.