OLPH School and Preschool’s community is made up of more than just the students, families, and administrators that walk its campus everyday. It is also made up of the many friends, parishioners, alumni, local residents, local businesses, and other local organizations that have connected with us because they, too, believe in the importance of the quality education we offer.

In addition to sponsorships and grants from corporations and foundations, it is generous contributions from individuals like you that make it possible to continue providing an affordable education to our students. Unrestricted gifts for our general operations and special projects offer the greatest flexibility in carrying out our mission: to create an environment where students experience learning and living fully integrated lives in the light of faith, and to guide them in becoming responsible citizens who proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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What is the application procedure for enrolling a student?

The enrollment process involves an application form and interview with a school administrator.

What is the school’s annual tuition fee?

The OLPH School Board, in consultation with the OLPH principal and pastor/pastoral coordinator establishes the tuition rate for each academic year.

Does the school have an athletic program?

Yes, the athletics program is an important part the OLPH educational experience and the school is a firm believer in that having faith in God, in oneself, in one’s coach, and in one’s school is important in developing a well-rounded athlete and student.

What is the school’s dress code?

All students are expected to wear properly fitted, OLPH-school uniforms.

What is the school’s medication policy?

Parents of children needing medication are to bring all medications to the office with a completed authorization form from (1) their parent or guardian, and (2) their physician.

What is the school’s homework policy?

Homework will be assigned to grades K-8 on a regular basis that may include weekends.

What is the school’s philosophy?

OLPH is a private school operating under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church. As such, our education encompasses faith formation as well as excellence in academics.