Return Dates

6th Grade- Monday, March 15th7th & 8th- If Riverside County falls into the red tier on Tuesday’s reporting date, 7th and 8th will return to campus on Wednesday, March 17th.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year, due to CDC requirements, students will be asked to keep all their personal supplies with them as they move from class to class. Also, please ensure you student charges their Chromebook every night. Students will keep their Chromebooks with them to and from school. If your student’s Chromebook is not charged, they will need to resort to paper and pencil format for the day. If a lesson is digital, they will need to complete it at home if there are no extra Chromebooks to check out. For the first week, there will not be homework. We are allowing time for students and teachers to adjust. If a student does not complete the assigned classwork during class time, assignments will turn into homework (this does not include extra reading, such as class novels).

Your middle school student will need the following items in their backpacks:

  • Snack & Lunch
  • 2-3 Masks
  • Ziplock bag in your student’s lunchpail to store their mask while eating
  • Small hand sanitizer for personal use
  • Chromebook – If your child does not have a school-issued Chromebook, the school can check one out to them starting Monday, March 15, 2021. If you would rather have your child use their personal Chromebook, you may do so. However, OLPH will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal Chromebooks or laptops.
  • Headphones for Chromebook


  • Assigned class novel
  • Sticky notes
  • Pens and/or pencils

Spanish & Science:

  • Highlighters
  • Pens
  • Science book

Religion & Social Studies:

  • 2 composition books
  • Pencils or mechanical pencils
  • 2 highlighters
  • Religion book


  • NO PE uniforms required. Students will not dress out at this time.

Math: TBA

If you should need extra time to bring in any of the items listed, please email your teacher directly. We are excited to see 6th grade on Monday, March 15, and hope to welcome 7th and 8th on Wednesday. Thank you, and God bless.

Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders: https://olphschoolindio.com/drop-off-pick-up-change/

Once on-campus, students will enter through Door 1, located by the basketball courts.


Please fill out the following waiver in order for your student to return to campus. Please email to: acovarrubias@olphindio.net. Or have your completed waiver it ready to submit during tomorrow’s drop-off.

Daily Health Screening Form Needed

Every morning, you will need to fill out your student’s health screening form. You may fill in the temperature if you have taken their temperature at home that morning.
Click here to download: student health-Daily Sign In Sheet