Important News and Updates

November 11, 2020

How Can Parents Help With Our Reopening?

Parent Maintenance Day: Saturday, November 21st, 8am-12pm

Thank you, OLPH parents! Many of you have reached out and offered to assist with our reopening and we thank you for that. We will definitely need parent assistance on Saturday, November 21st, when we will be holding our first of two Parent Maintenance days. For our new parents who are wondering, “What is Parent Maintenance Day? Parent maintenance days are when our families come together as a school community to assist with the cleaning and maintenance of our school classrooms and school grounds. We do mandate parents to come out to at least one of the three days offered (please refer to the parent handbook). It is customary that families are asked to bring their own supplies (tools, cleaners, brooms, etc.)

As you can imagine SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST, is going to be crucial to our school’s reopening. Due to COVID-19, our school is currently short-staffed and we are limited in resources to complete much-needed tasks around the school.

Our school needs assistance in the following areas:

*If any parents own a landscaping business we could greatly use your help! If you (or anyone you know) could provide assistance with this service please send them our way. We need assistance in the following areas which is more than our parents can take on during Maintenance Day.

  • Back parking lot- Removal of trees and bushes
  • Tree trimming of all smaller trees on campus
  • Removal of large weeds or bushes on campus

Parent Maintenance Day Needs:

  • Rearranging and moving classroom furniture (dollies needed)
  • Trucks needed for removal of donation items to donation centers
  • Grounds clean-up (gardening tools needed)
  • Removal of small weeds around campus (gardening tools needed)
  • Cleaning of the campus, parking lots cleaned and clearing of debris
  • Power wash lunch tables and lunch table areas (1 pressure washer provided)
  • Tighten lunch table screws and scrub and pressure wash lunch tables (tools & supplies needed)
  • Pressure wash the school grounds (additional pressure washer welcomed)
  • Clean out the storage bin and load furniture into the storage bin
  • Clean out the storage closet (extra brooms needed)
  • Rearrange the lunch tables to comply with social distance requirements
  • Adjust student desks to proper height (allen wrench set needed)
  • Move extra student desks to bring back into classrooms
  • Clean kitchen (cleaning supplies needed)
  • Clean spiderwebs inside and outside of school building (rags and broom needed)
  • rake and pick up leaves under courtyard trees

Our small school depends on parents like you and we are so appreciative of your dedication and support, especially in difficult times like this!

Reopening Projected Schedule

Parent and Guardians:

We did submit our items for the school waiver. If we are approved we could possibly be open as soon as Thursday, December 3rd. Even though we are quickly approaching Christmas break, getting the students and staff accustomed to a new format and schedule are crucial for a smooth reopening. If everything goes as planned and we are approved for the date of December 3rd, we will follow the reopening schedule below.

Monday- Friday

8:00am-3:00pm Full days on campus

*All parents have the option to remain in distance learning or follow the hybrid schedule (TBA).

Thursday, December 3rd- TK/K &1st begin on campus

Monday, December 7th- 2nd & 3rd grades begin on campus, added to TK/K & 1st

Wednesday, December 9th- 4th & 5th grades begin on campus, added to TK/K & 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

6th-8th grades are still not approved to return to campus as of yet.

Extended care will be unavailable at this time.

Staggered drop off and pick up times will be in place.

Staggered recess and lunches will be in place.

Grade level cohorts will be in place to limit exposure to only the students class.

Read our full DRAFT Reopening Guidelines on our website here. As you can imagine, we are adjusting them as needed. The official guidelines will be ready to view next week.

Parent Survey Required -TK/K-5th Grades Only

Please click here and fill out the In-Person Parent Survey. This survey is crucial in further planning for our reopening.

Thank you for your continued support!




God bless you,

Alisa Covarrubias