Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Student of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is:


1. A Faithful Catholic Who:

  • prays often and participates in liturgy and the sacraments.
  • appreciates the presence of God in his/her life.
  • is Christ-like to others.
  • wants to grow in faith.
  • values a Catholic education.

2. A Life-Long Learner Who:

  • tries to learn daily, sharing all he/she has learned.
  • is open to others’ ideas.
  • applies skills effectively.
  • desires to set and achieve goals.
  • uses critical thinking skills.
  • is computer literate.

3. An Effective Communicator Who:

  • uses an age-appropriate vocabulary.
  • articulates thoughts in speech and writing.
  • demonstrates strong listening skills.
  • reads with fluency and comprehension.
  • uses technology appropriately and productively.

4. A Responsible Person Who:

  • is trustworthy and honest.
  • makes good choices.
  • takes on leadership roles.
  • has a positive attitude.
  • respects authority.
  • has self-discipline and self-respect.

5. A Worldwide Citizen Who:

  • is a peacemaker who accepts and cares for people and the earth.
  • is aware of events that are happening locally and worldwide.
  • is digitally responsible.