Catholic School in Indio, California


What our community says about us.

OLPH School and Preschool’s community is made up of more than just the students, families, and administrators that walk its campus everyday. It is also made up of the many friends, parishioners, alumni, local residents, local businesses, and other local organizations that have connected with us because they, too, believe in the importance of the quality education we offer.

In addition to sponsorships and grants from corporations and foundations, it is generous contributions from individuals like you that make it possible to continue providing an affordable education to our students. Unrestricted gifts for our general operations and special projects offer the greatest flexibility in carrying out our mission: to create an environment where students experience learning and living fully integrated lives in the light of faith, and to guide them in becoming responsible citizens who proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Marlene Gibson

Marlene Gibson


” Some of my most favorite memories were at OLPH. I had two very lucky sons that were fortunate enough to attend what I call the greatest, Catholic school there is. They got a wonderful education that laid the ground work for their high school and college years. Both my sons are excelling beyond belief with straight A’s and even making the Dean’s List. I contribute their success to the superior education they received at OLPH.

While Academics is important, they learned even more important lessons like respect, kindness toward others and an overall Christian attitude that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. They were also blessed with the opportunity to make good, lifelong friends. My experience as a parent was one of a true family atmosphere. I will never forget the principal, Diane Arias, and all the kindness and sincere love she showed me. The entire faculty and staff went out of their way to make me feel part of the family that is OLPH. I will be ever grateful that my children were fortunate enough to attend such a wonderful school, as well as my association throughout the years. I also attended good Catholic schools throughout my life, but I never got the Christian, family experience that exists at OLPH.

It was truly my pleasure to be a part of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School! “

Guadalupe Gutierrez Saldivar

Guadalupe Gutierrez Saldivar


” I have been attending school ever since I was four years old- actually Preschool, here at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Presently I am a seventh grader but I am not sad to say that I no longer attend a school. Somewhere along all the hustle and bustle as I grew, so did my appreciation for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I now find myself entering a home that is mine, full of people I know and care about. We are the people that make up Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We are the exact opposite of a school. We are a family, consisting of a group of people learning, growing, working, and praying for each other.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a place to explore, create, and try out different experiences as well as our likes and dislikes. This is a place to find out who you are and who you want to be and do in your life to come. I have been to no other place that acts as such. There is a very comfortable environment where everyone knows everybody and no one is left in the dark. We do everything as a family and even have our own families created here in the school. Every year we are placed in a new selected group of students that shall become our school sibling and parents for that year. Next year I am looking forward to being a great school family parent and mentor. There are families in our families and everywhere you turn there is a familiar face and conversations waiting to be had. This is a safe haven for you to freely grow mentally and spiritually without being teased or accused. Everyone is allowed to be a part of whatever they would like to do without being judged. As long as there is a dream to pursue, Our Lady of Perpetual Help will get you started in the right direction. For example, there are many opportunities for wishes to be made real. I had once wished for myself to find a future in storytelling and becoming a novelist. This is a slight push forward in that I had promised myself that I would somehow find a way to become published. The teachers offer me opportunities for the future. They allow me to test my waters and see if I can create a wave. They offer these chances as well as others such as writing short stories and entering art contests within the school. On top of that, a wide range of options in extracurricular activities are available such as sports and student council along with many others.

Once you find a place that you have known and learned to love so well, it is never easy saying goodbye. A good family and household begins with a strong soul. This soul is created by the people that make all this possible, from my parents, to the kind hearted principal for her hard work and dedication, and for the high spirited teachers that take the extra time to care for their students. As well as all the people who have supported and helped us as we grow, and for those who have been involved in anything that we have strived to see accomplished. These are just a few of the things that make this school all the more special. I am really lucky and even more, to say that I am able to attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School. Together we walk as one family under the guidance and blessings of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

God Bless “